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Whether you are just passing through, consider moving here or have recently moved here, we hope that your time spent in the municipality of Ovanåker will be pleasant.

Ovanåkers kommun is a municipality in Hälsingland, a region in the county of Gävleborgs län. Ovanåkers kommun stretches 80 km from north to south, and 50 km from east to west, measuring nearly 2 000 km2 in total.

About 11 600 people live here, which makes the population density being 7 inhabitants/km2. Edsbyn and Alfta are the biggest towns. Approximately 2 500 people live in Alfta and 4 000 in Edsbyn. The municipality council is situated in Edsbyn. The County Council of Gävleborgs län is situated in Gävle.

In Ovanåkers kommun we provide the community services and the commercial supply that is needed to create an attractive living. In contrast to bigger cities, Ovanåkers kommun offer short commuting distances to work, grocery shops, childcare centers and schools. The unemployment rate here is lower than the national average. With stimulating leisure activities and natural wilderness near at hand, this is a municipality enriching to live and work in.

The municipality council provides a wide range of services. Among these are the provision of schools, child-care, care of the elderly, culture and recreation, public transport, road maintenance, water and sewerage, street cleaning, garbage collection, and much more. The municipality also has responsibility for ensuring that Ovanåkers kommun continues to develop as an attractive region to live and work in, and to visit.


The official address

Ovanåkers kommun
828 80 Edsbyn
Phone +46271 570 00 (operator)
Fax +46271 570 01
E-mail kommun@ovanaker.se

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