Childcare and health


The municipality offer children that are 1-5 years of age, a place at a daytime childcare centre, even if the parents are unemployed. The regulations and cost for child-care varies depending on the age of the child, number of children, and the parents income.

There are several child-care centres in Ovanåkers kommun. Apart from these, there are private centres based on Christian values.

Health care

The health care system is to a large extent funded by the government. The health centres in Edsbyn and Alfta provide basic health care by professional nurses, doctors, midwives etc. At the health centres you also find pharmacies.

For urgent needs, patients are directed to hospitals in Bollnäs or Gävle. An ambulance service is located in Edsbyn, on the same premises as the Fire Station. Maternity wards are situated in Gävle, Hudiksvall and Falun.


Office for education and childcare

Phone: +46271-570 00 vx
E-mail: barnochutbildning@ovanaker.se

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